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Shipton Wildflower Woods

Where will it be ?


Steering Committee was formed on the 18th August 2022 

John Farbrother (Chair)

Debbie Evans (Sec)

Steve Reynolds (Tres)

John Heartshorne (pc Rep)

Adrian Salton

Ruth King


Betty Hiles 

Melanie Forster

Helena Tilley

Kate Rigg 


The Steering Committee will plan a community wood*

The plans will be drawn up with the oversight of the Woodland Trust and the Forest of Flowers Huby The resulting proposal will be publicized in the village during September and October 2022.

The Steering Committee will have succeeded if more villagers get behind the scheme to ensure that the woods are well looked after for many years.

In due course, the steering committee will have more of a management function.            


* Community woods will improve neighbourhood appeal by being a natural space for mindful recreation. Supported by and others. At the same time as providing much-needed habitat for a wealth of wildlife, from shade-loving plants and delicate fungi to nesting birds, elusive mammals and rare insects.

Design is all-important. The right (native) trees in the right place and density with open areas and even some wet scrapes to encourage newts and other amphibians. Wildflowers will be a significant element of the Shipton woods, being lovely to look at but essential for our pollinators.



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Artist's impression of one of the entrances + 5 years   

Soil Inversion.

Using a specialized mouldboard plough to invert the soil down to 100cm the woods and the wildflowers can become established faster and with + 80% tree survival rate. The following links provided us with the science and the inspiration to make our proposal for the village.

Breaking new ground in creative conservation



Video of the results on Alywn’s farm in Huby




Shipton Wildflower Woods       06.08.22


The proposal

To establish a wildflower and native wood on this area of land owned by the Shipton Parish Council.


To gather a larger group of residents to manage the area under the guidance and financial backing of the Woodland Trust.


The creation of the woods should benefit the whole village by providing a space to enjoy aspects of nature as a new biodiverse habitat develops.

Paths through the woods will protect fragile flora and fauna from disturbance

Volunteers will be required to maintain the paths and cut the meadow areas removing the hay in the late summer. A limited amount of rogue weed pulling may be necessary.

The woods can become a teaching resource, and children will be encouraged to help plant wildflowers and trees and have the opportunity to observe the bird, mammal and invertebrate species increase from year to year.


Landmark dates

Post Harvest 2022 Soil profile examination, field drain and archaeological records studied

                        March 2023 Deep soil inversion

                        May 2023 Hand Sowing wildflowers

                        March 2024 Hand Tree planting


Action required

Please add your name to the group if you can help at any level to make these woods reach their potential.

                       67    Total number of names 16/10/22 

We would also like to hear your feedback. (GDPR compliant)

More details are available on request.


Group Address

                        Ivy House

                        Main Street

Shipton by Beningbrough

YO30 1AB


To all Overton and Shipton residents

To all Overton and Shipton residents

We wanted to remind everyone in the village about the grants available from the Middleton Trust Charity. 

Grants are available for all young people in the Parish for contributions towards costs falling within the remit of the charity.

An application form is attached and will provide details of what is required to accompany the application.

The Middleton Trust. Reminding the village about the trust.